Wheel Repair and Reconditioning - Serving Columbus' Motorists Since 1997


Our core business is the repair, restoration and refinishing of aluminum wheels. Wheels are commonly damaged by potholes, curbs and auto accidents. Often these damaged wheels are scrapped and new wheels are purchased and installed at a considerable expense. We can repair your damaged wheel to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement wheel and get it back onto the street. So, if you have a bent, cracked or unsightly wheel(s) on your baby(car), call us. We can help!
All repairs are quoted on site but prices range as follows per wheel

Wheel Straightening:     $75   Steel 
$105 Aluminum
$115 Chrome
Weld (adder to Straighten): $35

Wheel Refinishing: Stripped to raw aluminum, Tri-Coat Process,         combination paint & powder coat
      $120 OEM Standard Silver, Gunmetal,Flat Black 
      $135 Machined, BBS Gold
      $170 Hyper Silver
      $250 ICE/PVD Chrome

(Straighten & Refinish Wheel)
                                      $35 adder to refinish price.
*Must be done at same time for discounted straightening rate.

Single Stage Powder Coating:  $85 Gloss Black, Gloss White, Gloss Red 
          Custom Colors start at $100

Touch-Ups:     $75 File Lip 
       $100 Spot Polish with sealant
       $100 Hyper Silver Touch-Up

2 Piece Wheel $35 adder; 3 Piece Wheel $55 adder.  

2-Tone & 24"+ Rims:
Custom Quote

Mount & Balance:   18" or smaller  $16.00
19-20" $18.00
21-22" $20.00
23-24" $25.00
25-26" $35.00
28" $45.00
30" $50.00

Pictures of our awesome work:

Before & After Gallery


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